We've made a lot of headway on the Visoid application in the last couple of weeks. Sign-ups for new users was opened up for everyone and it really made a big difference. In two weeks we've reached 85 users that have tested the application. We see that interaction is increasing as we add new functionality. In the beginning we were seeing users only run a render between 1-5 times, while now they're running 10+ renders.

Unfortunately, that is where it stops for all our users. Once they have tested it, they don't come back again. Why that is, we don't know yet. We don't really have any theory to go after, but it's pretty certain that it's related to the usefulness of the product in some way. Is it the lack of control of the output? Is the quality of the output too low? Who knows.

We've tried to reach out to many of our users without getting any response, so that's also something we need to figure out. Improving the response rate on our emails is slightly more tricky as we get little feedback, thus making it hard to tweak our messaging.

Most of our users come from ads on Facebook and Instagram. We're trying to get better at organic reach as this is both cheaper and potentially much more efficient than ads. Last week I posted our product on Hacker News and I got 4 upvotes... Probably all of them from people I know... I clearly don't understand how use Hacker News. I think one of the mistakes I do is that I use weak headlines that don't entice people to click. Generally, I don't spend enough time on the headlines and I should get better at that.

I'm planning on writing some tutorials about Stable Diffusion/ControlNet as I have worked up a lot of knowledge on how to get good output from the models. This could be useful for others and could work as a funnel for new users into Visoid. Stay tuned for that.

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