It's been a few intense days to get the Visoid application up to a level where it's actually usable. I think we've reached the point now where it's plausible that someone would pay for the tool.

The output is pretty decent, and the interface works well without any bugs or confusing user interface. Now we just need to take the leap and let people test it so that we get some feedback on the product.

We've been working on a marketing campaign on Instagram and Facebook, and this has yielded over 60 sign-ups so far to our beta-tester emailing list. Overall, we have a sign-up rate that is pretty high compared to the industry standard.

The good news is that there seems to be a lot of interest in the product. The bad news is that the market is also flooding with competitors. Most of them are not that good, while some seem like challengers, and a few are ahead of us.

We also see a lot of competition in more general usage tools like Photoshop introducing AI capabilities. While Photoshop isn't purely focused on architecture, many architects use it to style their designs. If they can do 80% of what our product does in Photoshop, they're not going to switch to us.

For now, the strategy is to focus on features that Photoshop does not have, thus limiting the overlap between us and them.

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